This is vocal coaching for the business professional – it is for those who need to gain confidence when delivering a sales pitch, speaking at an event or those who simply need help with using their voice in the workplace on a daily basis.

You may suffer from:

  • Vocal fatigue
  • Hoarseness after speaking
  • Losing your voice regularly
  • No vocal confidence when you speak in meetings, or stand up to address a room
  • No vocal ‘presence’
  • Feel vocally dominated by other colleagues when trying to talk in meetings

These can all be related to the way in which you approach the use of your voice, your body and how you approach a daily routine, related to your workplace enviroment. Stress and interpersonal conflict can also be a real damaging factor on your vocal health and production.

Here at DAB ||: Music we are offering a professional training service aimed specifically at helping business leaders to develop their public speaking skills, which is based on many years working with some of the world’s leading concert and opera performers and delivering university courses in peak-performance techniques.

This training is currently being offered in our studios in London and Sheffield but we can also come to your business anywhere in the UK.

In a world where making the correct impression really does make a massive difference, acquiring the basic skills of public speaking through vocal coaching has to be a worthwhile investment for yourself or your team, particularly when pitching for sales, or delivering a crucial presentation. We offer sessions that are relaxed, fun and informative and will prepare even the most nervous speaker for the public platform.

Our service aims to give you:

  • Vocal warm-ups/downs
  • Breathing exercies / focus tools
  • Tools to visualise your ‘performance’
  • Stage/presentation techniques
  • Memory work
  • Posture guidance and advice
  • Feedback on presenation / rehearsals

Ultimately, we can create an opportunity for you to ‘practice’ prior to your crucial event, in a supportive environment, where you will receive guidance and techniques on how to improve your vocal production and presentation skills.

Whatever the size of the audience, public speaking can seem incredibly challenging but we can take away the mystique and provide you with the performance tools that will help your voice be heard more clearly.

Please use the chat on this page, or contact me to begin the conversation.

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