Making Your Voice Heard

This article was written by John Highfield PR

ACCLAIMED international pianist, coach and arts administrator David Barnard is bringing a new voice to the region’s business community.

David has worked in Australia, New Zealand and around the globe as a performer, vocal coach, chorus master and artistic administrator. 

Now, after almost a decade away, he has returned to South Yorkshire and launched DAB ||: Music, providing studio teaching and music services alongside performance coaching, training and development opportunities.

And from his base at the Victoria Hall in Sheffield city centre, he is offering a new training service aimed specifically at helping business leaders to develop their public speaking skills.

“One of the key services we are providing at DAB ||: Music is, of course vocal training, based on my many years working with some of the world’s leading concert and opera performers and delivering university courses in peak-performance,” David explained. 

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“But sitting alongside came the realisation that there was room for a crossover and that what works for musicians can also work in other spheres.

“As a result, we are now able to offer a full range of vocal and performance coaching sessions, tailored specifically to corporate clients, which come from an informed place.

“In a world where making the correct impression really does make a massive difference, acquiring the basic skills of public speaking through vocal coaching has to be a worthwhile investment for yourself or your team, particularly when pitching for sales, or delivering a crucial presentation.”

“We offer sessions that are relaxed, fun and informative and will prepare even the most nervous speaker for the public platform, either at the DAB ||: Music studio or at your business.

“Whatever the size of the audience, public speaking can seem incredibly challenging but we can take away the mystique and provide you with the tools that will help your voice be heard more clearly.”

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