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Professor Janis Kelly FRCM, DRSAMD, will be coming to Sheffield in November to deliver a two-hour masterclass and a recital, as part of a three-day residency in the Steel City.

On the 25th November at 7pm, Janis will workshop the five participants, including some of the best current singers from the Royal Northern College of Music, in a two-hour marathon on performance and vocal presence.

On Sunday 27th November at 3pm, Janis will deliver a recital of Mozart, Schumann, Ravel and Burns, called ‘A Woman’s Face’ – the latter referring to the composition that Janis will perform, composed for her by Rufus Wainwright. It will be a Sheffield-first to hear this particular piece sung.

Information on the masterclass can be found here, including venue and travel information. There are already five participants booked for the class, including the Australian Baritone, Adam Jon, who will be in the UK and Italy on an audition tour.

Information and tickets for the Sunday recital can be found on Eventbrite – although, cash and card are always accepted on the door.

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